Eric Weiland
Life Coach

I’m Eric Weiland, an ICF-certified life coach.I work with individuals who are feeling unfulfilled or disconnected, and are seeking a better way.Together, we’ll take an honest look at who you are (identity) and how you move through the world (relationships).From a place of authenticity and kindness, we’ll build a powerful coaching partnership to transform how you see yourself and how you relate with the world.Our work will make you feel more alive, more at ease with who you are, and more empowered to make the moves you want in life!

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I coach because I want my clients to feel free to be who they are and to have what they want in life.In my experience, this work starts with exploring our identity and patterns of connection.Do you struggle with self-doubt, and feeling disconnected or unfulfilled at work or in your personal life? If so, chances are you hold a distorted view of your self. This directly affects how you see and relate with others, and how you move through the world.With a kinder, more truthful view of who you are, relationships will become more fulfilling, and a sense of freedom and empowerment will follow.Let’s deeply explore who you are, and let’s build an authentic and vulnerable relationship together from that place. We’ll use this relational exploration as a launching pad to generate aliveness in all areas of your life.We’ll employ a host of tools to cultivate connection to your inner world, to others, and to your life dreams. We’ll gently and courageously confront what is keeping you from having what you want. We'll take steps forward into uncharted lands. And I promise to be an honest and unconditionally loving presence along the way.I’m certified with the International Coaching Federation, and trained formally as a Wayfinder Life Coach Martha Beck International.I also draw on knowledge from over 10 years of my own inner work, including complex trauma therapy, meditation and master life coaching. Working as a coach gives me a platform to share what I’ve learned with others.

About Me

It's an honor and a joy for me to build deep, genuine connections with my clients. It's what I love.As a “third culture kid”, I’ve lived more than 20 years internationally. Since age 3 I’ve been traveling, picking up languages by ear, and learning how to relate with anyone, anywhere.I have dedicated more than 10 years to cultivating inner work, exploring personal development and healing modalities. I’ve attended 20+ meditation retreats, including 5 months of intensive practice in Myanmar. I’ve trained in Mindful Self-Compassion, attended Street Retreats, worked as a hospice volunteer, received 5 years of complex trauma therapy, and continue to work with my own life coach.Martha Beck’s ICF-accredited Wayfinder coaching method offers me a platform and tools to pull my wisdom and experience together into a powerful service.I attended business school at the University of British Columbia, and have worked as an entrepreneur since. Developing Laojia, an award-winning tourism brand in China, is my longest-standing project.Athletic highlights of mine include playing college football and doing junior olympic ski racing.Find me in my happy place: the kitchen, cueing up good music and cooking up great food.I look forward to meeting you!


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"Eric brings calmness and presence into his work while creating space for self-reflection as well as applying skills facilitating further transformation. I trust he will use this gift to serve more people in their journey of personal and professional development."
— Xinlin Song

“Eric is a superb space holder. He doesn’t rush me. He is patient with my long, introverted pauses. His calm and responsive attention holds and focuses my own. He asks insightful questions that either shift my perspective or guide me to hone in and clarify what I’m thinking. He’s game to follow me wherever I’m needing to go in the session. I feel safe with him to open up and talk about my dreams and longings. His attention makes it easy for me to order my thoughts and decide to take action.”
— Tom Campbell

“Working with Eric was very fun. He offered me brand new perspective on how to approach the problems that I’m currently facing. The coaching exercises that we practiced enabled me to analyze my problems from a more objective perspective. Working with Eric was really inspiring for me.”
— Beryl